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India-Bangladesh Relationship - a debate !
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A debate was organized by the News 24 on the subject: At the outset the anchor spelled examples of the freedom fighters of BD and lauded the contributions of Bangabandhu Mujibur Rahman and the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She further lauded efforts of the present BD PM Sheikh Hasina and the Indian PM Narendra Modi in further builiding a strong ties between the two countries - India and Bangladesh. 

She further questioned as to whether the strong ties between the two Nations could be dented at any stage by the local political gimmics. These questions were putforth to the dignitaries present in the live debate which included - Dr AK Abdul Momen, Foreign Minister, On being enquired about the reason behind cordial relationship between the two nations at a new heights, Abdul Momen asserted that the relationship between the two nations was historical as like a mothers' relation with her child, relation between two hearts and moreover the confidence between the two nation was symbolic. Mr.  Momen further recalled the history of BD's freedom fight during which he spelt that those days were priceless when India always stood besides them to gain the freedom. He added that he remembered those days when if any BD freedom fighter or BD national used to travel in India, they hardly used to have any penny to spend but it was deep support from Kolkata that those BD national who just used to utter the word 'JOY BANGLA' immediately got all financial/ logistic support from them (Indians). This was a deep relationship which cant be forgotten at any cost and at any point of time. He further added that the relationship and  brotherhood which was gifted by Bangabandhu and Indira Gandhi, has now reached into a “Sonali Adhyay” (Golden Era)  under the leadership of  PM Sheikh Hasina and PM Narendra Modi, who left no stone unturned to move forward on.